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Maritime Industries

Maritime industries are essential to keeping the global economy moving. From shipping and receiving items from all over the world, to ensuring that fishing and leisure boats can safely travel the waters, there is no limit to the activities included under the maritime industry umbrella. Still, each of these activities has specialized needs that must be met.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is designed to provide customized integration to the various needs of your maritime company and streamline them. With software that operates 24/7 in the cloud, and in real time, you can be confident that your business will run smoothly, increase efficiency, and sustain business continuity.

Maritime Industries that benefit from our customizable solutions include:

Harbour Mastery’s ERP Is the Customizable Solution You Need

No matter what type of marine industry you focus on, Harbour Mastery can customize a solution that fits the needs of your business. You can easily get started with our ERP software, since it is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems. You also do not have to worry about downtime – our systems run through the cloud on the Oracle NetSuite highly secure platform, granting you access anywhere and anytime with no interruptions.

Our maritime consultants have deep experience across the shipping industry including former ship captains, engineers, regulatory experts, port developers, and many personnel with many cross- functional industry skills. Our team is also comprised of experts from similar or related industry verticals that often bring new ideas creating more robust solutions. This team is backed by our technical integration and development partners and consortium members who work across multiple industry verticals and multiple technical platforms. We connect our operational expertise with backgrounds in software engineering and management to build diverse teams of professionals partnering with clients across all roles needed in the software lifecycle: UI/Design, User Experience Design, Front-end and Back-end Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, Automation, DevOps and System Administration for scalable production environments. Our team members have built applications for everyone from Fortune 100’s to venture-backed startups, in a wide variety of industries. We have deep experience in applications for web and mobile, incorporating everything from live video to large scale real-time data. Find out more about how you can create a package that fulfills your specific needs by contacting use through a regional representative in your region. See our Contact Page.