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About Us

About Harbour Mastery Inc.

Harbour Mastery Inc. is a maritime and seaport consulting company delivering business management solutions including innovative software since 2003. We provide services to organizations of every size across the globe that address the need for new approaches to both traffic and finance management, as well as security among seaports and maritime industries.

Through enterprise resource planning (ERP), we help you integrate various aspects of your day-to-day operations together, so that your business can operate much more efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts craft customized packages for each individual client to meet their specific goals for growth, diversification, and other business plan objectives.

At Harbour Mastery, our cloud-based software is online 24/7 and operates in real time to help you better manage complex operations common in your industry. Our enterprise-specific i-Seaports and i-Marinas softwares are compatible with all browsers and operating systems, so you can get started right away without the expense of purchasing new technology.

Our CEO, M. George Walters has been developing software since 1982. As a Floridian and son of a US Coast Guard veteran and son-in-law of a WWII naval officer, his love of the sea and the importance of maritime and seaport management is deeply ingrained in him. His vision for Harbour Mastery is to empower this industry through cutting-edge, extensible, technology-driven ERP management solutions that allow each client to take their business to the next level.