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I-Marinas ERP

Harbour Mastery’s i-Marinas ERP software is designed so it can be used as a stand-alone product or to be integrated with the i-Seaports system. i-Marinas allows you to easily and seamlessly run your marine. This exclusive software can be used whether you own one marina or multiple marinas, and it works around the world.

You can easily streamline your marina activities including keeping track of slip contracts, billing, maintenance, and more. I-marinas is designed to make it easy for you to run your marina simply and smoothly.

i-Marinas Leverages the Cloud 24/7 for Round-the-Clock Work

With i-Marinas, there is no downtime. Everything is run in the cloud and is easily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can easily access it from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, PC, or any other device you may be using. i-Marinas is fully touch screen enabled, making it even easier to use! Whether you are at home, traveling for business, or on a vacation, you can manage your marine from anywhere with i-Marinas.

i-Seaports can be utilized for the following:

Why Choose Harbour Mastery™ i-Seaports ERP Marina Modules?

i-Marinas Removes On-Premise Hardware and Software Dependency Through Cloud Storage & Routine Updates

i-Marinas is designed to work anywhere in the world, so you no longer have to be dependent on hardware and software that only operates at your business. Instead, you can access the full breadth of what i-Marina has to offer from anywhere in the world around the clock. You also are not subject to issues with bad weather interfering with your ability to access important information when you need it.

i-Marinas also updates automatically through the cloud, so you do not have to wait on discs for upgrades. You will always have the most up-to-date information and software for your needs, allowing you to run your marina smoothly from anywhere.

It’s Smooth Sailing with Harbour Mastery’s i-Marinas Software Services

Running a marina, or multiple marinas, has never been easier than with Harbour Mastery’s i-Marinas customizable software. Run your marina from anywhere in the world with 24/7 cloud software. Find out how we can customize software for you by calling +1-813-288-4603 today.