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I-Seaports ERP

i-Seaports™ Management ERP from Harbour Mastery provides seaports, port authorities, and marinas with a fully customizable port management system. This innovative software provides users with personalized dashboards for all of the critical operations tasks including pilotage, towage, berthage, stevedoring, repair, line on/off, and others.

This seamlessly flows through to the financial processes for all billing, collections, accounting, fiscal analysis, statistical analysis and reporting, streamlining revenue generation, and collection for seaport profitability.

i-Seaports Leverages the Cloud 24/7 for Round-the-Clock Work

i-Seaports offers a level of resiliency in its ability to empower seaport owners, managers, and the seaport user community to work from anywhere, anytime. With i-Seaports, you can manage seaports operations and services on location from PCs and laptops, at dockside with tablets (fully touchscreen enabled), or across the globe while you’re away on business or pleasure.

i-Seaports can be utilized for the following:

Why Choose Harbour Mastery’s i-Seaports ERP

i-Seaports Removes On-Premise Hardware and Software Dependency Through Cloud Storage & Routine Updates

While weather might disrupt operations for those without cloud storage, with i-Seaports, you never have to worry about that. By storing both critical data and operating capability in the cloud, you are always online functioning as normal with no interruption.

Remote support from providers also removes the arduous task of disk-based upgrades and patches on port LANs and PCs. i-Seaports upgrades occur twice a year during business downtime with no on-premise time requirements. Port IT personnel can preview and test new features well in advance of any upgrade. Providers of i-Seaports can run their test scripts and inform users with online training and support in how to use new features.

i-Seaports Offers Country or Regional Multi-Port Capabilities

i-Seaports has also accounted for the fact that in many countries, ports are centrally managed and controlled by their governments or private enterprises with global holdings of ports they are managing in many countries.

To accommodate this, i-Seaports leverages NetSuite’s OneWorld solution that lets ports independently manage their operations while central control for finance and/or security monitoring can be given to the enterprise or government that owns them.

i-Seaports Gives its Users Global Trade Advantages

i-Seaports offers multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-port management capabilities. It also provides a platform for web-services integration to applications a port needs at its fingertips – radar, sonat, current weather and tides, graphically mapped AIS ship location tracking, web-cam connections for security, and monitoring activities at berths or in container yards, mobile landside assets tracking.

Steer Your Enterprise in the Right Direction With i-Seaports, Customized, Integrated ERP Solutions from Harbour Mastery

Manage your operations with the tools you need provided by i-Seaports. No matter where you are in the world, you can ensure your enterprise runs as smoothly as possible with automated processes that allow you to focus on other important tasks. Call us today at +1-813-288-4603 to learn more about how we can tailor a package to your needs!