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Harbour Mastery® Inc. Professional Services Consortium

Harbour Mastery Inc. (HMI) maintains both technical and business operational resources with industry professionals to ensure the highest quality in international standards in its product development and delivery. HMI follows International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, country-level security standards, and local governmental requirements in all implementations.

Professional technical resources are provided through its professional development partnership with Oracle NetSuite and its Solution Development Providers in 140 countries worldwide who serve over 40,000 companies in all types of industries. HMI maintains twice annual certifications of its products as Built-for-NetSuite Native Application industry verticals.

Specific to the maritime industry, HMI partners with each of its clients as an Oracle NetSuite Solution Developer. As new solutions are developed, they become part of HMI’s product inventory that are available to both existing and new clients worldwide.

Over the past six years, HMI has partnered with other companies who like us also focus on niche markets in the supply chain, transportation, and maritime industries. In 2020, our consolidated capabilities and efforts have formed the Port Services Consortium Group (PSCG). The PSCG team of experts spans multiple disciplines within the maritime community. They possess decades of experience and can deliver a wide variety of solutions to diverse maritime clients.

Regionally, HMI has direct partnerships in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia for development, delivery and long term support of its products and services.

Contact your Regional Representatives:

The Americas: Harbour Mastery® Inc.
T.+1 813.288.4603
M. +1 813-505-9041
F. +1 813-333-1787
United States and Panama

Europe: Head-in-the-cloud Developers
T.503-957-8114 US Mobile
T. 07376 230976 UK Mobile
United States and United Kingdom

Pharos & MobileDOCK
USA: Email:
T. + 1-202-826-9797
United States and Australia

International: Electric Energy Corporation
T.+1 214.717.5151
International Marketing Coordination

Africa: Delta Water Limited-Africa Region
T. +233 (0) 207 232800
Ghana, United Kingdom, United States

Middle East: Navy Group International-Middle East and Mediterranean Region
Cyprus T. +357-99-886113 / +357-24-664-7774
Lebanon T. +961-1-585-681 / +961-7-011-1011 F. +961-1-566-753