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I-MultiModal ERP

International Seaports stand at the pivot point of the international trade supply chain. It is estimated that over 95% of world trade moves through seaports as the world’s historically most efficient method of moving products from points of production to consumers world-wide.

The Harbour Mastery consortium has emerged in response to the need to provide highly integrated solutions for the complexities of ERP planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution and billing for services that connect vessels, trucking, rail, and air movement of international trade products through that supply chain.

Cruise Trade is no exception as the need for landside transport connectivity for moving people and supplying vessels is critical to on time performance. With HITCDev™ and MobileDOCK™, Harbour Mastery® is integrating and configuring their already proven logistics management products with a ten-year track record of quality performance in Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas these products can now meet the unique requirements of existing and new clients.