i-Seaports™ Management ERP provides seaports, port authorities and marinas with a fully customizable seaport management system. It provides users with personalized dashboards for all of the critical operations tasks - pilotage, towage, berthage, stevedoring, repair, line on/off and others. This flows through seamlessly to the financial processes for all billing, collections, accounting, fiscal analysis, statistical analysis and reporting, streamlining revenue generation and collection for seaport profitability.

i-Seaports™ Leverages the Cloud for 24/7

i-Seaports offers a level of resiliency in its ability to empower seaport owners, managers, and the seaport user community to work on location from PCs and laptops, at dockside with tablets (fully touchscreen enabled) or work remotely from anywhere, anytime to manage their seaports operations and services.

Country or Regional Multi-port Capabilities

i-Seaports has also accounted for the fact that in many countries, ports are centrally managed and controlled by their governments, or private enterprise that have global holdings of ports they are managing in many countries.

To accommodate this possibility, i-Seaports leverages NetSuite's OneWorld solution that lets ports independently manage their operations while central control for finance and/or security monitoring can be given to the enterprise or government that owns them.

Vessel Logistics

  • Online Portal and customizable dashboard for reservations requests by port customer/agents
  • All vessel types managed: container, RO-RO, general, dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, cruise and passenger, barge, ocean-going tug with barge, military, research, oil-rigs, etc.
  • Reservations management by port operations and Harbour Master; Pilots logistics management for arriving, shifting and departing vessels; Tug Operators logistics management for arriving, shifting and departing vessels; Linesmen logistics for lines on/off
  • Custom tables for port client vessels and berths metrics and services at berths
  • Alerts and warnings regarding scheduling of arrivals/departures, overlapping schedules and service assignments for port operations, pilots, tugs and linesmen
  • Security management of vessel and cargo information to meet International Maritime and national security information; Ability to collaborate with security partners, private or government

Billing and Invoicing

  • Online Customer Portal and customizable dashboard for reports, billing and collections
  • Seamless Billing Interface: Based on metrics from the vessel and cargo logistics activities, all billing is calculated with no additional information to enter
  • All billable vessel and cargo types managed: (see above)
  • All billable vessel activities managed: pilotage, towage, berthing, loading, unloading, in-transit, throughput, repair, anchorage
  • Multiple billing types for each vessel call: Agents, Terminal Operators, Stevedores, and any others
  • Early billing fulfillment for completed activities and delayed billing for incomplete activities to any client
  • Complex billing formulas built in for rates by time, length, weight, and any other metric needed
  • Financial Guarantee Contract management
  • Additional services - equipment usage, security, work boat, labor costs, etc.
  • Warehousing, yard, space, demurrage and facilities recurrent leasing
  • International Maritime Organization Dangerous Materials Flags and Codes
  • Lloyd's Ship Registry and Port ID Codes
  • United Nations Conference on Trade & Development Commodity Codes
  • Mapping of all codes to local port codes
  • ISO Country, province and state codes

Full Business Management System Integration Capability

  • Credit Card Collections, billing against deposits, banking reconciliation processing
  • Fix asset management
  • Payroll management
  • Country GAAP GL and Taxation management
  • Equipment and facilities maintenance

Minimum Financial Guarantee System

  • Online customer portal to see status of their MFG
  • Financial Guarantee Contract management by customer or multiple types
  • Lease based contract billings for things like facilities based on annual tonnage guarantees
  • Automated detail billing calculations by levels and rates for each level during a contract period
  • Annual shortfall analysis for billings against contract guarantees

Intermodal Cargo Logistics

  • Online portals and customizable dashboards for terminal operators, stevedores and wharfingers
  • All cargo types managed: container, general, dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, and refrigerated
  • Loading and unloading scheduling and time tracking
  • Cargo  demurrage and storage location management
  • Intermodal connections scheduling (ship, rail, truck, pipeline and air)
  • Department, class, location (warehouse, dockside, yard, inland land terminals) tracking for where cargo is stored while in transit