The 24/7 On-line All Marina Users Solution

i-Marinas™ ERP solution is an integrated or stand-alone product with the i-Seaports™ certified “Built-for-NetSuite”.  As with i-Seaports, all processes from time of request for a service to billings and collections are fully integrated.

Its system design can serve a single marina, multiple marina complexes owned by a single enterprise (government or private), or complexes owned by a single seaport. Its modular design can serve marinas of all sizes with a broad range of service components including:

Marina Slips (contracts and transients)

  • Any time frame: Transient/daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi Annual, Annual
  • Utilities: Water, electric etc. – separate or combined billings
  • Automatic and/or batch processed periodic billing
  • Slip Metrics and Vessels Reservation Tables

Shipyards, Dry Dock and Repair services

  • Dry-docks and storage
  • Repair docks and facilities
  • Repair services and equipment rental
  • Auto-generated or single/batch billings

Manage all types of customers, their vessels and services they need

  • Recreation
  • Fishing Fleets
  • Boat Ramp access
  • Ice House
  • Government (such as Coast Guard or Police Marine Patrol)
  • Auto-generated or single/batch billings

Real Estate - Leased and Rental Properties

  • Long and short term leases – M2M or any term
  • CPI or periodic Percentage rate Management
  • Fixed/variable Periods Management
  • Legal Documents Storage
  • Auto-generated or single/batch billings

RV Parks and Recreation Facilities

  • Advanced online reservations management
  • All types of spaces – RV, Tent, Cabins, Yurts, Pavilions
  • Any time frame
  • Manage variable rates-seasonal, time of week, type of customer discounts, etc.

Dry land and enclosed storage units

  • Variable size billing by sq meters or feet
  • Tagging system for billing of items in storage tied to tariff table
  • Twice daily security monitoring
  • Batch and on demand individual billing

Other Functionality

Business Day: Fully Integrated Point of Sale Management at marinas, RV parks, convenience stores.

24/7 Online customer online services: Customers may request reservations, pay their bills, print their own statements and access documents provided by the enterprise.

Security and handheld device utilization: Security is managed with handheld devices (iPads, Smart Tablets, etc.) The system auto generates a daily security check list for each facility (marina, shipyard, rv park, storage areas, etc.). Security personnel can patrol on foot or by vehicle and record the status of each unit in the facility (boat slip, RV space, etc.), capture pictures, store documents for managing incidents and facilitating incident response.

Harbour Mastery SuitePort Maps and Grids: Harbour Mastery's SuitePort Maps and Grids provide virtual real-time data driven status of reservations and activities in marinas, seaports, RV park and any other map based information. Hovering over an icon shows occupancy and or spacial details to facilitate rapid decision making. Drill downs allow immediate reservation processes in the maps and grids.

Harbour Mastery SuitePort Maps
Harbour Mastery SuitePort Grids