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Lloyd’s Register® and NetSuite®

“NetSuite® OpenAir® supports 8,000 Global Employees in 227 Countries; Territories Gain Freedom and Flexibility with World's Leading Professional Services Automation Software.”
~NetSuite News Archives 2010~


Harbour Mastery® Inc. Partners

Harbour Mastery® Inc. is a partner with EBS-RAD LLC, a NetSuite® SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) member and representative of NxTurn LLC., Houston, TX, USA, a top-10 full-services NetSuite® Solution Provider.

Harbour Mastery works with these partners and NetSuite Solution Providers and Channel Sales to provide the appropriate NetSuite Platform to seaports in any country.
i-Seaports Australia (2013-2018)
Tampa Port Authority (2010-2015)
Release 2013.2 of i-SeaportsTM Management ERP adds extensive functionality with NetSuite Australia Partners for Port of Portland, VIC, Australia.

Seaports are scrambling to find new ways to generate revenue and incentives to attract business new business.

They also want to reduce hardware and software costs. i-Seaports gives them the best of both worlds.

Release 2013.2 of i-Seaports greatly expanded 24/7 Online Services in meeting the Port of Portland requirements for a "stem to stern" ERP system to modernize their port management.

This multi-language & multi-currency modularized solution is avaiable to any port wordwide, choosing only the modules they need.

Pilotage Towage
Linesmen Dockage
Wharfage Stevedoring
Warehousing Scheduling
Billing Collections
General Ledger Accounting
Payroll Purchasing
Fixed Assets Maintenance
Leasing Throughput
Projects Scheduling
Marketing Web Services
Business Analytics Statistical Analysis
For more information in Australia / New Zealand contact our NetSuite Solution Provider Partner:
cloudERP Bill Bryce, Sales Manager

mob: +61 (0)418 234 266
tel: 1 300 795 564
fax: 1 300 795 574

Tampa Port Authority awards "Seaport Vessel Reservations, Billing Statistics, and Reporting Software Solution" top Ranking to Harbour Mastery, Inc.

At the TPA Business Meeting on June 16, 2009, Mr. Richard Wainio, Port Director and CEO, announced the response to the Request for Proposals international solicitation for qualified firms:

From the three proposals submitted and presentations to the evaluation committee "...the Evaluation Committee selected Harbour Mastery, Inc., as the best qualified firm to provide Seaport Vessel Reservations, Billing, Statistics, and Reporting Software to the TPA..." Download Here

The Contract extends from 2010-2015.

In Feb-Mar 2011 Tampa Port Authority and its CFO have been the recipients of recognition, ratings and awards for their excellence in fiscal management, stability and success in a down economy.
The 24/7 On-line All Users Solution

i-Seaports provdes 24/7 online and realtime remote opeations for all port personnel and real-time port personnel and partner services at a fraction of on-premise costs; free online access 24/7 to Vessel Agents, Terminal Operators, Vendors & Contractors, Lease Holders, Pilots, Tug Operators, Stevedores and other customers through its highly flexible and configuable web-based dashboard portals.
Harbour Mastery Inc. is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) by Tampa Port Authority 2009-2013.

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